Prophets of Doom and James Howard Kunstler

I read James Howard Kunstler’s blog every Monday. He believes that the world as we know it and how we live and work is changing  due to oil production having reached its peak many years ago. He believes that our car dependent, oil dependent world is running out of oil and that it will cause major disruptions in our society.

He lives in Saratoga Springs, a wonderful small city, about 10 miles west of where I live. Mr. Kunstler appeared on the History Channel January 5, 2011 in a disturbing, thought provoking, two hour documentary called  “Prophets of Doom.” I found out about his appearance on the show because it was on the front page of The Saratogian, a local paper.

He’s written several novels including, “The Long Emergency” and “World Made by Hand” which is set in the Greenwich, New York area where I live.

He appeared with John Cronin, of the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries who claimed that the lack of clean water was the most important crisis facing the planet.

Nate Hagens, a board member of the Post Carbon Insitute,  predicted that another financial crisis was the most important problem we face.

Dr. Hugo DeGaris believes that robots in the not too distant future will become smarter than humans and may decide to eliminate mankind.

Another person on the show, ( I didn’t write down his name and I can’t remember it!) said a stolen nuclear weapon or crude bomb fashioned from stolen plutonium was the most serious problem.

I’m sure the History Channel will run it again at some point. It’s worth watching.

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  1. Jim Coffin says:

    I have nothing but contempt for this man and the “hatchet job” he performed on my hometown, Schuylerville, New York, in an article he wrote for the New York Times Mazazine — “Schuylerville stood still.” The article was vile, hateful and hurtful. Mr. K. evidenced his utter lack insight and understanding about that village and its good people.

  2. JimG says:

    the 6th speaker was Robert Gleason (on nuclear terrorism)

  3. Rick S. says:

    Thanks to Jim G. for the name clarification. And special THANKS to you John Tedder for posting this commentary/review; was looking for who was in the documentary so I can do more investigation adn your site was very helpful. Prophets of Doom from the History channel was a fantastic film, featuring experts sharing their informed wisdom with us on how various progress traps we”ve built for ourselves can be our doom if we do nothing and continue with selfish stupid overconsumption way of life…
    The beginning of saving ourselves from progress trap doom is simply consume less! And I thank the History channel for distributing this important film, this is the kind of quality anti-consumerism programming that needs to get out there, we need more.

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