Why not change the world?

“Why not change the world?” is a Service Mark of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)  in Troy, New York. I think it is a great slogan and they do good things there.

In 2000 I bought a t-shirt at the RPI bookstore that had “Why Not Change the World?” printed on it. At the time, I was working in Troy providing computer tech support for Verizon. They had a central office on Fourth Street that was just down the hill from RPI. I visited their bookstore, saw the slogan on a t-shirt, liked the sound of it, and bought one. I wore it a lot and it became unwearable after several years. I went back to the bookstore to get another one at least five years ago and there were none available.

I would still like to get another one, but they don’t sell them anymore. I’ve called and emailed the bookstore on several occasions over a couple of years, but the answer is always, “we just don’t sell them anymore” or something like that.

They do sell a glass mug with the slogan, but I already have a favorite Barnes and Noble coffee cup with a picture of James Michener on it. You can’t buy them anymore either. Barnes and Noble stopped selling them years ago. I never see the cups anywhere else. You would think that one would show up on ebay or at a yard sale. I keep looking for one, but so far nothing. Am I the only person to buy and own a coffee cup with a picture of James Michener on it?

So, I think that if the slogan “why not change the world?” is at the top right hand corner of their home page and they have an interesting video on the home page called, “Why Not Change The World?”, they should bring back the t-shirt with the slogan on it. (I’m an XXL in case anyone is interested, hoping to go back to being an XL in the near future.)

Am I asking too much?  Are there any RPI students or alumni out there that would like to have a “why not change the world?” t-shirt too? If enough people called or emailed the RPI bookstore perhaps they would change their mind and have a few t-shirts printed. You can find the phone number and email address on the RPI webpage.

What do you think? Did you ever own a t-shirt from RPI with, “why not change the world?” on it?

Here is a wikpedia explanation of the Service Mark symbol: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_mark

Thank you. Comments are appreciated.

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  1. We are changing the world, just by driving cars and shopping. My Uncle worked at the Rensselear Institute back in the 80’s, and never really could explain (in terms I could understand) just exactly what they did there. I found the article interesting!

  2. Ryan says:

    i just sent the bookstore an email. i would buy a t-shirt if they had one! You gotta be careful with the bookstore, though. One time my mom saw a 50% off t-shirt because Rensselaer was spelled Rennsselaer and it was screen-printed inside-out!

  3. John Tedder says:

    LMAO! Ryan, that is a riot. I laughed out loud. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It wouldn’t be too bad if it was spelled with a double “n” because most people probably can’t spell Rensselaer anyway, but printed inside out? It should have been 75% off!

  4. carol says:

    They have it with symbols now!
    no words..just graphics.
    They may have more. I was just there in June.

  5. John Tedder says:

    Thanks Carol. I bought one a few weeks ago.

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