Cheating, Lying Politicians

According to the New York Observer, Joe Bruno, speaking to the New York delegation at the Republican National Convention, compared Barack Obama to Eliot Spitzer. The former Republican State Senator implied that since Obama is articulate like Spitzer,  we may be in for a big suprise if he is elected. That is quite a leap. Spitzer resigned as Governor of New York in March 2008 after it was disclosed that he patronized a prostitute. Joe thinks that Spitzer was elected because of great marketing. I think Spitzer was elected because people were sick of Republicans running New York.  People voted for him because he had a reputation for honesty and integrity and they hoped he would clean up the mess in Albany, the state capital. Spitzer had a great opportunity and he blew it. He disappointed a lot of New Yorkers who expected great things from him. Now, everyone is looking to David Paterson, the new governor, to change Albany. He is New York’s first black governor. Governor Paterson, can you take away Joe’s hall pass so that he can’t roam around the building while people are trying to work? Thanks.

I would like to see our first black president elected this year too. Barack Obama will be elected because people are sick of Republicans running the country and tired of hearing George Bush abuse the English language.

No Cheating

John Edwards didn’t appear at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He finally admitted to cheating on his wife. I guess he was still too ashamed and didn’t want to disrupt the convention. John McCain, who cheated on his first wife when he met his second wife, was nominated to be president at the Republican Convention. His cheating occurred over 30 years ago so it isn’t talked about much these days.

Larry Craig, Republican from Idaho, cheated on his wife and is still a United States Senator. The Senate Ethics Committee “admonished” him in February for his conduct in an airport bathroom. They slapped him on the wrist really hard.  Where is the outrage in the Senate? He pleaded guilty to the charges but, when the story surfaced, said that he was innocent. He said that he would resign by September 30th, 2007. Then he said he would finish out his term and not run for re-election this November. How would you like to sit next to Larry in the Senate?

David Vitter, Republican Senator from Louisiana, cheated on his wife by visiting prostitutes. He is running for re-election. Vitter and Larry Craig are co-sponsors (along with several others) of The Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution, which would define marriage as only the union between a man and a woman. What shining examples Larry and David are. How heroic. It sounds like they worry about sex too much.

Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary in the White House. He lied about it and was impeached. Republicans went nuts. The impeachment distracted him from running the country.

Jim McGreevey, the Democratic former governor of New Jersey, cheated on his wife with a man. He resigned and admitted that he was a homosexual.

George Bush lied and took our country into an unnecessary war. Only Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat from Ohio, had the guts to try and impeach him. One person out of 100 Senators and 435 Representatives. What do they do all day in Washington, D.C.?

Presidents John Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower and Franklin Roosevelt all cheated on their wives.

Why is it that some politicians who lie and cheat resign, and others do not?

I’m voting for Barack Obama for President. You should too.

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  1. Dave Roberts says:


    Check up on your Jefferson comment. I believe his affair with Sally Hemmings (his wife’s half sister) did not begin until he was living in Paris as representative of the new post-revolutionary American government. Sally was brought to Europe along with Jefferson’s two daughters by Abagail Adams whose husband John was then assigned as the American representative to the Court of St. James. Jefferson came to London to pick up the three girls. His daughters were enrolled in a French convent school. Sally lived in the Jefferson household in Paris. She was sixteen. His wife had been dead for six years. I don’t think there is any allegation that he cheated on his wife when she was alive. Rather, I believe he was a devoted , even doting. husband. I know he was devestated by her early death. He was also pre-deceased by three of his four children.

    I have a private theory that Jefferson genuinely loved Sally Hemmings and that the fact of her race and its signifigance in society at the time were a major cause of of the melancholy from which Jefferson suffered in his later years. Sally had five children. Only one is proven to have been Jefferson’s. My guess is that they all were. Sally and her family were the only slaves who were manamuted in Jefferson’s will. He died in heavy debt and all of his other property and “chattels” were claimed by his creditors.


  2. admin says:

    Thanks Dave. I removed Jefferson’s name from this post until I can check this out. I visited Monticello in 2002. That entire area in Virginia has so much history.

  3. Motherbitch says:

    So, after a hendful of posts, the following is pretty clear;

    1. Democrats are pretty much always right.

    2. Republicans are ALWAYS wrong (or cheating, lying, thieving, etc.)

    3. You are completely biased. There is little or no even-handedness to your assessments of the parties or their representatives.

    4. Some facts matter, some facts do not matter; The facts that help the Dems and hurt the Repubs matter, and vice versa.

    This isn’t an assault on your character, merely a fair evaluation of what you’ve put in “print”.

    Your passion is compelling; more people should be seriously interested in politics and who they are choosing to represent them.

    In the same breath, it is biased/non-partisian/emotionally-charged diatribe (see “O’Riley, Bill – Fox News”, “Limbaugh, Rush”, and any number of other Liberal or Conservative talking heads on the radio and television) that keeps the Country and the parties so unnecessarily divided. We, as a people, as citizens, have a lot more in common than you might think.

    Keep up the good work.

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